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Photon Counting Technologies PhD Studentship:

Laser detection and ranging systems have been widely applied to distance measurement and 3D imaging in a wide range of applications including industrial metrology, environmental survey and remote target characterization. Typically, such systems use a single laser source which emits short pulses and a detection system which analyses the light reflected back to the instrument by the target.

Over the past few years the research team at Heriot–Watt University has developed transceiver systems which have utilised time correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) in an innovative way, and developed sophisticated software algorithms for analysis of the return data, in order to enhance the sensitivity and accuracy of such detection and ranging systems. We have built a multiple wavelength system which widens the scope and functionality of photon counting, allowing issues such as: the wavelength dependence of temporal resolution, simultaneous multichannel data acquisition, atmospheric propagation, the wavelength dependence of speckle, and the wavelength dependence of target reflectivity to be studied in a single integrated system. Research on further enhancements is planned.

We offer a PhD studentship in this exciting research area. The student will join a successful group which has collaborations with other major groups in the UK and Europe. There is a good possibility of a CASE studentship with industry, although this is not guaranteed initially. The PhD research will lead to an understanding of lasers, optical systems, and state–of–the–art single–photon detection technologies.

If you are interested in a PhD place, please email Prof Gerald S. Buller

Please note that applicants must satisfy EPSRC rules regarding residency in the UK.

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