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Dr Peter Vines Dr Peter Vines

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Research Associate

Peter Vines grew up in Dorset in the south of England. He graduated with a BEng in Electronic Engineering from the University of Sheffield in 2005 and went on to complete a PhD in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from the same University in 2011. His PhD focussed on IR detection and spectroscopy using Quantum Dot Infrared Photodetectors (QDIP) and low noise InAs avalanche photodiodes(APD).

After completing his degree he continued his detector research in Sheffield working as a Research Associate. In 2012 he joined the Photon Counting Group at Heriot Watt University where is working on infrared single photon counting using Single Photon Avalanche Detectors (SPAD). He is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and SPIE.

In his spare time he enjoys rock climbing, hiking and sailing.

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