What is QKD? What is quantum key distribution? What is quantum cryptography? What is B92? What is BB84? quantum key distribution quantum cryptography photon counting detectors photon–counting detectors time correlated single photon counting time–correlated single–photon counting SPAD single photon avalanche diode time resolved photon counting time resolved photoluminesence time resolved photo–luminesence time–resolved photoluminesence InGaAs/InP SPAD InGaAs/InP single photon avalanche diode Si SPAD Si single photon avalanche diode SiGe SPAD single photon avalanche diode InGaAs Indium–Galium–Arsenide/Indium–Phosphide SPAD Silicon SPAD Silicon–Germanium SPAD quantum communication quantum information processing Heriot Watt University Heriot–Watt University Indium cell In cell G.S. Buller Karen Veronica Sara Ross Robert Ryan B92 BB84 S. Cova S.D. Cova P. Townsend P.D. Townsend time of flight time–of–flight PhD lecturer postgraduate research associate Where is Heriot–Watt? Where is Heriot Watt? Edinburgh Scotland UK QUICK EQUIS SECOQC
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Welcome to The Photon Counting Group

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The Photon Counting group is based in the School of Engineering and Pysical Sciences at Heriot–Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland. We researche time–correlated photon–counting technology and applications. The group is actively pursuing research in photon–counting detectors, especially at wavelengths > 1000nm. The photon–counting applications studied include time–resolved photoluminescence, time–of–flight imaging/ranging and quantum key distribution.

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New PhD studentship available:
"New approaches to quantum–based data security"
Applications from EU citizens welcome.

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